Oro & Manuel

Oro & Manuel

Moredesign is an Office for Mediterranean Architecture, based in Deia, Mallorca, offering services in the fields of architecture, design and landscaping.   Founded by Oro del Negro, and Manuel Villanueva, Mordesign fuses a contemporary design approach with a revision of traditional practices and construction methods. 

Oro del Negro, (1977) Design director, has vast experience in Mallorquian vernacular construction and is the creative force behind groundbreaking international  projects.

Manuel Villanueva (1977), Architecture director, has worked for major international architecture firms before founding Moredesign, such as Jean Nouvel, Herzog de Meuron and OMA.  

PUBLICATIONS. Our work appears in major publications around the globe, please visit PRESS for updated info.

TEAM. Our office is a flexible structure that includes internal and external collaborators, establishing dynamic relations with them. We create teams per project, adjusting them according to the specific needs. Our core team includes

- Maya Fenollera, (1977) Architect, has specialized in sustainable architecture, as well as having developed a great number of residential projects, public buildings and hotel developments. She was project leader at GCA architects in Barcelona before joining our office.

- Miguel Ros (1985), Architect, has been practicing architecture and undertaking artistic research across Spain, Portugal, Germany and Sweden before settling back in Mallorca.

- Tille del Negro  (1977), Interior designer, has over 15 years of international design experience bringing to our projects the final touches with her detailed product knowledge, refined aesthetic and attention to detail.

- Maria Luisa Villalonga (1985), Architect, has specialised in restoration and interior design. She has been growing academically and professionally through Spain, Germany, France and Austria before coming back to her beloved island.

- Žanete Odina (1990), Architect, has studied architecture and fine arts in Latvia, Finland and Sweden before moving to Mallorca where she has been collaborating for several architecture studios before joining More Design.

- Miriam Solsona Hollenstein (1982), Business Administrator, has extensive experience in management and customer care, mostly in the fashion industry. Manager of her family store in Barcelona and head of the international commercial department, she was a team leader of a GAP store in the USA and collaborated with German associations while she lived in Germany. She is now head of our administration department.

- Marta Armengol (1988), Architect, has studied architecture in Barcelona and Paris. She has been collaborating for different architecture studios before coming back to Mallorca and joining More Design.She believes that it is by mixing the boundaries between architecture, art and other disciplines where new ideas and innovation flourishes

- Gabriel Coll (1985), studied architecture in Spain and Germany and has more recently collaborated in several residential projects throughout the island of Mallorca.

Moredesign offers clients professional advice throughout the whole process of buying a property until it is delivered as a unique product to them, comprising the following:

-    Property evaluation.  We analyze all the different aspects of a property with our clients; applicable legislation, buildable areas, construction condition and any other important aspect regarding their needs. In this phase we make sure our clients have a very clear understanding of what they are buying and its potential.

-  Concept Design.   By means of extensive discussions and interviews, providing sketches, preliminary plans and references we deliver a concept design proposal that includes all the main guidelines of the project and a budget estimate. 

-  Architecture project.  We prepare all the documents required for license approval and provide a detailed budget of the works for client approval. We assist the client in the bidding process and prepare a team of selected builders and craftsmen according to the nature of the project and its location.  

-    Construction administration. Regular site visits, quality control and client correspondence to keep you updated with the planning and progress of the project. Emphasis on attention to detail and careful design. Thus a constant follow up of works is necessary. Handpicking products and reclaimed materials is a passion for us, as well as producing customized designs when possible. 

We feel passion for what we do, whenever our clients have the possibility, we enjoy sharing with them the beauty of all this process. Despite being based and strongly attached to Mallorca, Moredesign has also developed international projects in Panarea, an exclusive island near Sicily, Brazil and Bahamas.